Pokemon Ultra Violet (1.22) – Pokemon Fan Game

Pokemon Ultra Violet (1.22) was launched in July 2013 by LocksmithArmy for the GBA gaming console and is just like most of the other Pokemon games. The game is equipped and loaded with numerous different upgrades. A player playing this game can catch and save every Pokemon from the first two generations and can easily play through the whole game.

First thing, when you start to play, you will see the new title screen. You won’t notice any change in the introduction as it is kept like the original version. While playing this game, you would be able to catch various Pokémon’s that are also available in Fire Red and Leaf Green. These pokemon will be available in the territory which is very much like the original variant of the game. For instance; you can discover Oddish on route 24 in Fire Red, however, in Leaf Green, you will find Bellsprout in Ultra Violet. In the gameplay, you can discover BOTH Oddish and Bellsprout. 

Game Plot

In this game, you would come across two situations where you get to pick between 2 Pokemon. You choose among Kabuto and Omanyte in Mt. Moon (by selecting a fossil), and in Saffron, after you have conquered the Karate Master, you pick either Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan in the game. You can take BOTH Fossils and saffron Pokemon used for fighting in Ultra Violet as you are permitted to do so. In the game, you are provided with this feature, so there isn’t an irregular area with these uncommon Pokemon present in the area.

Best Emulator for Pokemon Ultra Violet (1.22)

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